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What I Know For Sure About Christmas

As inconvenient, messy, and high-maintenance as they are, real Christmas trees are cheaper, cooler and better than good fakes. Except silver tinsel trees from the fifties. Those rock.
Kids are great tree decorators. Even with the glass ornaments. Especially when they create vignettes, like the Star Wars scene and Toy Soldier corner.
And they have much more patience with glitter than their fathers.
Tree decorating is best done with wine, no matter what time of day it is.
Traditions matter.
Even the ones they've outgrown.
And naps are never overrated.
Activity advent calendars are a great idea until they become work for the mom.
And that kind of planning is always work.
Organic pastry flour makes terrible spritz cookies.
Whole milk and real butter are the only options.
And bacon. But not for the cookies.
Perfect cookies are not worth the disappointment of boys who didn't get to operate the cookie press.
Another batch of cookies will always be worth it.
Glitter is forever.