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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Actual Proof!

It arrived yesterday (the publisher proof for me to review for formatting mistakes).  The physical, hold it in my hands, proof that I didn't just make this all up.  Except I did.  And that's what's so crazy.  I just made up a girl with a missing mother and a father she never knew.  And I gave her a hereditary ability to travel in time, which let her go back to Victorian London to encounter Jack the Ripper.  And from there, she sort of just led the way.  Of course I could claim that I knew what was going to happen from the beginning.  And I did have a plan.  But these things have a way of turning out not at all as one expects.  And Saira surprised me a couple of times.  I surprised myself with plot twists and characters I fell in love with as they led the way on their own journeys through the crazy world I devised for them.

So I made something up and now there's a very cool-looking paperback book sitting on my table waiting for me to sign off on it before it goes into production and gets added to my Amazon page.  The steps in-between my imagination and the reality of this book are a whole journey by themselves, but the truly amazing thing to me is...

Actual proof is just imagination run amuck!