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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Free Kindle Book - Marking Time

I need your review and I will buy you a kindle copy of Marking Time to get it.  As anyone who has ever trolled amazon for books knows, the reviews are the difference between selling your book to friends and family, and finding an audience outside the circle of all the wonderful people who love and support you.

To those wonderful people who have already bought Marking Time, THANK YOU!  I need your review too.  Even if it's just stars and a couple of sentences, every review counts toward getting the notice of other readers, and just like voting, your reviews matter.

Here's how the Marking Time Free Kindle Book giveaway will work.  Fill out your contact information on the contact page, including the e-mail address you use for your account, and write "Review Copy" in the comments section.  I will then send you a gift of Marking Time from amazon.  When you redeem your gift it counts as a purchase and will go toward my sales ranking, and it will also allow you to post a review on amazon.

Then, if you would be so kind as to read the book, or give it to someone in your family to read before posting a review (please, no cheating, since amazon won't accept reviews until at least two days after the redeemed gift anyway), I would really appreciate it.  Your opinion absolutely matters to me, and even if urban fantasy isn't your thing, if a character's voice made you laugh, or the edible and medicinal botany information intrigues you, or you wonder about the (mostly true) history of Jack the Ripper, I've done my job as a writer, entertainer, and storyteller.

To post a review on this Marking Time review link will take you directly to the page, or you can go to the Marking Time amazon page directly, and just under the title is a link to "review this book."  Then give it a star rating (1 being the lowest, 5 is the highest) and say a few words about the story, the writing, the dialogue, action, plot - whatever struck you the most.  Then, if you're feeling really fancy, copy what you wrote so that after you've previewed and posted your amazon review, you can go to and post the same review there, on Marking Time's goodreads page.

So please, take me up on my gift, because your honest review of Marking Time, the book I've spent the past two years imagining, crafting, pitching and selling is the most generous gift you can give this writer.