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Friday, 23 November 2012

Marking Time Around Town Challenge

A picture says a thousand words (or in the case of Marking Time, a hundred fifty-five thousand).  A friend's daughter took this photo of her mum "doing nothing" on the beach the other day and it has inspired me to take a page from the Yukon magazine, North of Ordinary.  Readers send in photos of themselves in exotic locations, holding the magazine to show how far in the world it has reached, and their photos get published in the magazine.  

So here's my Marking Time Around Town Challenge:  E-mail me photos of someone reading the book - anyone, anywhere - and I'll post them here.  And then the reader in the most creative, fantastic, exotic, entertaining or remote location will win a character name (either your own or the name of your choice) in the next book of the Immortal Descendants series: Tempting Fate.

The kindle book counts too; just hold it up so the words or cover are visible in the photo, and make sure I know who you are, where the photo was taken, and who took the picture (so they get a photo credit).  Of course, I love knowing that people are reading Marking Time, but even more wonderful is that my readers are having adventures, perhaps inspired or enhanced, in some small way, by a book.