Thursday, 7 February 2013

Something to be said for a great Vampire

Okay, I love this series. Book one, Dead Until Dark, showed up in my mailbox one day, courtesy of my college roommate. No note, just the book. I only knew it was from her because of the cool, curly writing on the package. So I started reading Dead Until Dark that night, and finished it that night, and haven't stopped recommending it since.

But this book, Dead to the World, is my favorite one. Charlaine Harris created a perfect vampire character in Eric Northman, the massive Viking boss of everything, one whose casting has been debated in my circles (the HBO show notwithstanding) with the likes of Jamie Fraser from Outlander. Eric, the most dominant man in any room... or continent... loses his memory and finds himself in the protection and care of Sookie Stackhouse, the perky psychic small-town girl who didn't date a lot of local boys because it was always a bummer to hear their less-than-flattering thoughts about her booty.

And since, of course, Eric's hot, and because it does strange things to women to have big, tough, alpha males need them, Dead to the World, with its Sookie/Eric mating dance, is the sweetest bite of the whole, wonderful, ridiculously addicting series.

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  1. Aw, I loved this book too. And I suffered pages and pages of bad prose only to have more Eric moments. But CH never had the same inspiration. The last three books in her series were three DNF :'( Dead to the World is a blissful romance, a memento the real gem... Team Eric forever!