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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Wine is the Key

What I know for sure:
A child or a chicken will get sick the day before I leave for a trip. Especially the “getaway” trips.
I am most productive when there’s no time for anything. When I have time set aside to work, I find anything else but work to fill that time.
I am afraid of very few things, but well-dressed, rich French women are among them.
Sometimes I wonder if it’s too early to have that glass of wine.
Sometimes I have it anyway.
Fish and chips wrapped in newspaper is the food of the Gods.
French fries in Amsterdam taste better with mayonnaise.
Everything tastes better with bacon.
Sometimes all you need is a perfect pair of shoes.
You can’t go wrong with leopard print.
Writers love reading, but hate writing. We write so we have something to read.
My best friends are the ones who read and drink like me. Even better if our kids are friends too.
There are few things more frustrating than chickens who hide their eggs.
I rarely crave a salad.
When I was nine, my favorite weekends were spent reading until 2am and then waking up to finish the book. They still are.
“Truth or Dare” is overrated. “I Never” is not.
The best movie quotes are from The Princess Bride.
Val Kilmer in “Real Genius.” Christian Slater in “Pump up the Volume.” Yeah, seriously.
Huge Actorman in anything.
The volleyball scene is 40 minutes into “Top Gun.”
Tom Cruise has weird shoulders.
Patrick Rothfuss is a genius.
My kids love it when I read his blog posts out loud. Especially the inappropriate words.
Apparently seventy is the new forty. Just ask our mothers.
Guilt is overrated. Except when it’s the reason you stayed home from the trip, and the other child got the fever from his brother. Or the chicken died.
Very little can repay the friend who packs your dead chicken in ice on Saturday so she can UPS it to the lab on Monday.
But it can be done.
And wine is the key.