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Monday, 18 November 2013

Happy Book Birthday!

*A picture of my wedding cake - the best cake EVER!
Marking Time is one year old this month, and to celebrate its book birthday, I'm giving it away.

Yep. Free.

Well, the digital version anyway. Here's the link for Marking Time on Amazon, but it's also free at Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes.

Last year I made big promises of a November release for book two in the Immortal Descendants series: Tempting Fate. Sadly, I may have overstated my rule-of-thumb that all other books can't take longer than a year.

(Sigh) Let's face it, I lied.

I'm not proud of that. It's been the big pink elephant in the room for a couple of months now, staring at me, laughing its pink elephant know, through it's nose.

So in the interest of wresting control of my floorspace away from Pink, possibly regaining a little of my ability to look readers in the eye when they ask about the second book, I'm tossing a couple of details from Tempting Fate into the winds to see if they catch anyone's eye as they float past.

1. I'm currently in London, ostensibly homeschooling my kids for a month while we spend time with my husband as he works here. Really, I'm inventing excuses to drag said kids all over the city so I can research locations for Tempting Fate.

2. There's an amazing exhibit about Queen Elizabeth 1 at the National Portrait Gallery. Just saying.

3. I LOVE the history of the Tower of London. A castle, a prison, a fortress, and a royal residence with a history of secrets, tunnels, torture, death, dismemberment and very famous prisoners - Ahhhh!

4. Ringo is an excellent thief.

I'm not going to promise a new release date for Tempting Fate because that would be, well...tempting fate. I live too much in fear of the sophomore slump, the first-book fluke, or whatever it is that makes readers say "Oh, that author had an okay first book, but, you know, that one took years to write. After that...(shakes head), well, you know."

I'm writing as fast as I can, I promise.

And I'm really having fun with this story. Saira's voice is alive and kicking (in my head, of course - anything else would be just weird) and all the characters continue to surprise me with the things they do (did you know Adam gets really sick when he travels through spirals? I mean like really, don't-try-this-at-home sick).

In the meantime, I've raised my glass to Marking Time and made it free to celebrate its first year of publication. May it enjoy a long life making readers as happy as it's made me.