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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Worldbuilders Auction

It's Worldbuilders time again.

Between the edit of Cheating Death and the aftermath of the election, I've had my head down for a couple of weeks. That's how I missed the fact that the Worldbuilders auction for my Tuckerization went live.

Here is a fun fact you may not have known. The character of Tam, the mixed-blood captive and green-haired "Leprechaun" that Ava can See in her mind, who was trapped in the tunnel with Archer after the explosion in the ghost station in Waging War - you remember the guy? He was the result of a Worldbuilders Tuckerization auction. The winner of the auction gave me his name, and a couple of characteristics, and then Tam took on a life of his own.

There's also a Tuckerization character in Cheating Death from last year's auction, and he was A LOT of fun to create. Here's a hint - he's a Clocker/Monger mix, and boy, is he in trouble.

This year, I'm out of Immortal Descendant books to write. Wait, what? Yeah, really. Five books, that's it. There may be some short stories and novellas to play around with from their world, but the series arc is done at five. So, this year's Tuckerization auction is for a character in my new series. It spins off of this one, so there will be some familiar faces, and if you click on the auction link, you can read the description. WARNING - the description does contain a couple of small spoilers about some characters in Cheating Death, so if you don't want to know, don't read the description.

But bid on the auction even if you don't read the description. Here is the pertinent text:

The winning bidder of this Tuckerization auction will have the honor of naming a character (and providing an identifying characteristic or two) in book one of the new series. In the event the winning bid is higher than $250, that character will have a significant interaction with the main character. If it goes higher than $400, that character will become a major contributor to the story.

So, that's the fun stuff (and believe me, it's fun knowing there's a character in a book that you had a hand in creating). Here's the real stuff. Giving to Worldbuilders is one of the right things to do.

We have a lot of choices in life. Every day is full of choices - little ones, big ones, choices for yourself, or your family. Getting out of bed when you'd rather be reading, going to work or school when you'd rather be sleeping - those are right choices. Bullying or  belittling someone - not so much. It's a choice to spread gossip, or speak badly about someone else, just like it's a choice to sit next to a lonely person and strike up a conversation. Our choices affect us and sometimes they even define us. 

I teach my kinds that the best part about Christmas is finding the perfect gift to give someone else, and as they've gotten older, they're taking that part of the Holidays really seriously. For the people Worldbuilders helps, the perfect gift is clean water, or a goat, or a flock of chickens, and every year my kids decide what we're going to give with our donations. 

I believe that what Worldbuilders does is right - it's why I give signed books to their lottery every year, and why I do Tuckerizations. But naming a character in one of my books is only valuable to my readers - which means bidding on this item and raising this money for Worldbuilders will only be done by you.

No pressure.
Just hopefulness.

Please consider bidding on my auction, and poking around the Worldbuilders auction list (there's great stuff on it), and even if you don't buy anything, consider donating directly to Worldbuilders through their website. Each $10 you donate gets matched, and it gets your name entered into the lottery one time. I've been donating to Worldbuilders for four years, and I've won lottery things twice. The odds are definitely in your favor - just look at this one section of the donations wall...

So, that's my annual pitch. Thanks for reading, thanks for considering, thanks for clicking links and poking around the Worldbuilders stuff, and above all, thanks for being awesome.